IE9 crashes on Win7 Pro 64bit

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #691
I'm trialing the Secure Lockdown V2 IEE version for our field hockey club cantina.

When I try the software IE crashes (Internet explorer has stopped working), tries to restart, and crashes again continously.

It's a brand new machine, clean Win7 Pro install, no virus sw installed yet.

What's wrong?

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #692
What are the settings you have under the customizations tab. Try disabling the "Allowed Sites" feature if it is enabled and see if it crashes. You may have some malformed syntax that IE doesn't like.
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #694
Thanks! I noticed a typo in the allowed sites indeed which caused the crash.

Another question, although slightly off topic:

When I have a site allowed, I cannot go to links within the the site, i.e. I have allowed, but cannot get to '', or

Content advisor blocks the links, how can I overcome that?


Posted: 7 years ago Quote #697
You probably need to use a wildcard here. We'll test it and get back to you shortly.
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #699
try "http://*"
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #700
Thanks Techsupport, this indeed seems to resolve the issue!