How do I disable/remove/permanently deactivate Circle Dock?

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Running initial trials on Multi-app version. (We only need IE 9 on Win 7 support right now, but we may want the additional features later.)

I need to take a new Dell Optiplex w/ Win 7 Pro, create a single User Account, update Win 7, install Adobe Reader X & disable auto-updates for it, then install remote control client and the Secure Lockdown app.

Thereafter, whenever the system is powered on, it should auto-launch IE 9 to our designated Homepage, in full-screen mode.

The Users need to be able to use our emedded links to access additional pages, which are all subset to our primary homepage. (eg: if homepage =, then will allow navigation to, or

We do not want Circle Dock to launch or appear.

Also do not want end-user to be required to interact at all to start the above set. (We'll be configuring BIOS to auto power on upon recovery fron power failure.

So far, the only pothole I've hit is the Circle Dock. I can't seem to find any way to make it go away, and stay away.

Anyone out there got a solution, or even a guess?
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Sounds like you need Secure Lockdown - IE Edition not the Multi-Application Edition. It will do exactly what you need.