Issues with Google Chrome and Flash

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #749
We have been evaluating Secure Lockdown v2 and have bought one copy since then.
I discovered an issue when running an application from Google Chrome.  When in lockdown mode, the application fails to launch some of the media applications (flash).

It happens only when using google chrome, but not with IE.
Unfortunately, we need to use Chrome to support our other application features.

Hope you can help.
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Try unchecking the "Disable Desktop" option in Secure Lockdown. That will allow Google Chrome to run Flash. If you are using Windows 8, the "Disable Desktop" option is not available. We are investigating a workaround that will allow you to run Flash apps in Chrome under Windows 8 and should have an answer shortly.
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Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes we are running Windows 8 on all our kiosk PCs.
Hope you can find a resolution for it.

Thanks for your kind help.
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Have you tried installing the standard Adobe Flash download from Adobe's website? Chrome uses an embedded version in the browser, but if you download and install it separately, it may work. Also, do you have a website we can test? All the website we've tested that have Flash are working using Chrome.

If you want to try the downloaded Flash, you'll need to disable the Chrome Flash plugin. Type "chrome:plugins" in the address bar to do this.
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Thank you for your suggestion.  It worked!

Appreciate it.
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Good to hear.