Secure Lockdown not displaying website running Reveal.js

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #756
We are running chrome and when we run our web application that uses reveal.js on lock down mode, the browser won't display the contents at all (blank screen).  If we switch to normal mode, then chrome displays it properly.

You may want to try it on this website:
Hope you can help us.

Thank you once again.
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #759
Does it display content on other sites, or just the site you've mentioned?
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #760
We have been experimenting with this page and have unfortunately have not been able to get it to work when Secure Lockdown is enabled using the latest version of Chrome. We tried disabling Chrome Extensions (type: "chrome:plugins" in the address field). This sometimes helps reveal problems. We also tried disabling many of the browser features related to CSS 3D/2D transitions, GPU, and Hardware acceleration (type: "about:flags" in the address field). One particular setting we've found helps relieve a "White Page" issue which is similar to the problem you're experiencing - this is the "GPU composing on all pages" setting.

Is it possible for you to use Safari or FireFox? Both of these browser do not have problems with CSS 3D transforms when running Secure Lockdown.
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #761
We tried it on firefox and it works.
We had to install the add on for virtual hot keyboard and R-Kiosk.
There is a bit of an issue we had when on lock down mode running firefox and on kiosk mode using R-Kiosk.
I will open another incident for it.

Thanks for your help.
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #766
IE 10 seems to run Reveal.js well. Secure Lockdown - Internet Explorer Edition might be a good alternative for you as well.
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #767
Yes, we tried Internet 10 with reveal.js, but the swipe action (on the touch screen) won't work well with it, even with the chrome frame plugin.