Chrome settings reset to defaults (homepage, passwords, etc)

Posted: 2 years ago Quote #5803
Hi there

My setup is Chrome SLv2 as kiosk with pretty much everything disabled so that the homepage acts as a kiosk web app

I found that periodically Chrome will revert back to defaults - meaning the kiosk becomes a google homepage. It seems to happen after a reload and about a month or so after going into kiosk mode.

Searching the issue symptoms didn't give me the answer.

Though I suspect it may be resolved by adding a Google account to retain the browser settings for homepage and user account / password.

Just wondered if anyone else had seen this? Any ideas what is causing it?

Posted: one year ago Quote #13984
Another update. It happened again...

After the last time I logged chrome into a Google account and enabled sync, to try and maintain settings

So this time I noticed that if i logout of the user profile and back into it, it still works. But after restarting the computer, chrome resets to defaults. Very odd...