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Secure Lockdown Must Run Under an Administrator Account

9 years ago
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Although Secure Lockdown must be applied under an administrative account, that account is much more secure when Secure Lockdown is enabled then using a Windows Standard User account. Windows Group Policy restrictions and many other security and lockdown implementations ensure this. Basically, Secure Lockdown needs admin rights in order to lock down aspects of the Windows OS. Inteset has hundreds of companies and institutions including banks, government organizations, military, hospitals many others using this software. Secure Lockdown is installed 10s of 1000s of systems globally.

Note that most systems are set up to use a local admin account as the one being locked down with another admin account available as a precautionary measure.
8 years ago
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Could you elaborate on this?

I'm currently trying to configure on Server2012 with Remote Desktop Services.

I've activated Secure Lockdown with the domain administrator, however, it seems to run only on that account.

When I log in with a user-account, no lockdown is taking place and the lockdown options are ignored.
8 years ago
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The locked down account must be an admin account. Typically is a local Admin account.