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1.) Log into the 2nd admin account that is not locked down. If the system has Windows Auto Login set up, press and hold down the Shift key while the system is booting up into Windows during the login phase. Doing this will display the Windows Welcome/Login screen.

2.) Once logged in, press Windows Key + R to display the Windows Run dialog

3.) Enter "control schedtasks" into the Open text box. This will reveal the Windows Task Scheduler.

4.) Select the "Task Scheduler Library" folder in the left hand column, then press the "Create Task" option in the Actions column to display the Create Task dialog.

5.) Under the General tab, do the following:
     a. Enter the name "Run SL" in the "Name" field.
     b. Select the "Change User or Group..." button, then enter the locked down user account and press the "OK" button.
     c. Enable the "Run with highest privileges" option.

6.) Under the Triggers tab, do the following:
     a. Choose the "At log on" option in the "Begin the task" dropdown list.
     b. Select the "Specific user" radio button, then the "Change User..." button. Select the locked down user account, then press the "OK" button.
     c. Make sure the "Enable check box is enabled.

7.) Under the Actions tab, do the following:
     a. Press the "New..." button to create a new action and display the New Action dialog.
     b. Choose the "Start a program"
     c. Enter "C:\Program Files (x86)\Inteset\Secure Lockdown\IntesetSecureLockdownV2.exe" into the "Program/script" field
     d. Enter "C:\Program Files (x86)\Inteset\Secure Lockdown" into the "Start in" field, then press the "OK" button. Then, "OK" again to close the Task Scheduler dialog.

8.) Now log out of the 2nd Admin account and log into the locked down account. The Secure Lockdown utility should start ain the background and you should be able to press the Alt+Shift+S key sequence to invoke it.