WaitForInputIdle failed. error

Posted: 9 years ago Quote #99
When secure lockdown runs the executable I have set to run the app opens and works fine but when it first runs it gets the error "WaitForInputIdle failed. This could be because the process does not have a graphical interface."
Is there a way I can either make it not display this error or resolve the issue all together?
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A little more info just in case. The executable actually just calls a .bat file to go through some processes before starting our program. It looks like this will work great for us as long as I can get rid of this error popup.
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We will need to reproduce this error and get back to you. We'll keep you posted.
Posted: 9 years ago Quote #102
You cannot use a ".bat" file to begin your Master Application process. However, you can use a vbscript to start it. Note that if you use a vbscript, the run command must use the "true" parameter so that the script process stays running until your app is closed. For example:

Dim shell, sFile
    sFile = "C:\Program Files\Boxee\BOXEE.exe"
    Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    shell.Run Chr(34) & sFile & Chr(34), 1, true
    Set shell = Nothing

Also note that technically, it is the script process "wscript.exe" that is your Master Application, so you should only run one script or Secure Lockdown will get confused if the "Keep Runing" opton is used.
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Thank you for the response.
What I did was to create a small executable in c that just calls a .bat file and starts running the processes to start up our main client.
So what you're saying is if I could get the exe that calls the bat to keep running the error wouldn't occur?