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Problem (wanting to buy in excess of 300 or more for government bid)

13 years ago
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We are working on a Government Bid for the State of Tennessee in which we will be putting kiosks in prisons and correctional facilities as a means for the inmates to purchase their commisary items and for relatives to put money on the inmate's books.  In order to lock down the Windows 7 Kiosks we have found your program to be quick and effective with two major exceptions which preclude us from immediately purchasing it in bulk for this bid.

• Program does not lock out the Ctrl+O option to open another program.
• Program does not lock out Ctrl+Del completely.

I could live with the Ctrl+Del being allowed being as that all option aside from the Ease of Access Center is gone, but the Ctrl+O being available to felons, allowing them the opportunity to open other applications poses a significant problem.  Can this be resolved?  Again, we are looking at the posibility of buying hundreds of licenses now, and potentially many many more if we can resolve this issue.
13 years ago
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By they way, you can contact me at:

Matthew Jackson
615-377-0054 - Office

Just reference "TBE Project" if you e-mail me on this issue.
13 years ago
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Secure Lockdown now blocks CTRL-O (open dialog) in Internet Explorer. You can download the latest version that supports it from this site. Hope this satisfies your needs.