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Inteset Secure Lockdown v2

12 years ago
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I am trying this software for using with stand alon application that should be the only one which running on the computer - "kiosk mode".

2 questions -
1) When trying to run the application using the Test button on the software, my applicaion crashed with some errors. I can guess becuase it is looking for files that should placed on the same directory. Is there anyway to run it, and set the default directory ??

2) Your application is in the background, and when I ran my application - it seem to be blocking all the key except CTRL-ALT-DEL. Does this make sense ? it also blcok the ESC key which suppose to show status windows of my application.

3) Does the application should prevent windows messages, like "new windows updates" balloon from the taskbar ? Becuase when I came this morning to the office, this balloon was there...

Please reply ASAP.

Thanks & regards,
Ofer Leshem
12 years ago
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I just enabled the software, which running the application - and nothing else, but I can't disable it. Pressing Alt-Shift-S do nothing !!!!!! Help !!!!
12 years ago
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The default directory (startup directory) is the one where the master app exists. This is not modifiable. Yes, Secure Lockdown does block many keys from executing. "Esc" is one of the keys. CTRL-ALT-DELETE cannot be prevented, however, all of the functionality within the CTRL-ALT-DELETE screen can be removed which Secure Lockdown does do. If you run Secure Lockdown with the "Run as Shell" option, you will not see ballons, or you can turn that feature off in Windows.

ALT-SHFT-S should work so long as there are no security/virus apps preventing it. Also, check to make sure your master app is not on top. The Secure Lockdown dialog may be under it.