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Windows 10 Upgrade Prerequisites

8 years ago
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If you upgrade a system running a licensed copy of Secure Lockdown, you must deactivate the licence (see User Guide) before upgrading. Once Windows is upgraded to Windows 10, you can then re-activate Secure Lockdown with the activation key purchases for that installation. Be sure to update Secure Lockdown to the latest release which can be downloaded from our website under the applicable Secure Lockdown product page. Prior releases will not function properly.

Please Note: If using Secure Lockdown - Internet Explorer or Multi Application Edition, the Allowed Sites feature (white listing) for Internet Explorer no longer functions in Windows 10. Microsoft has removed the Parental Controls (Content Advisor) feature from the browser. If your implementation requires this feature, do not upgrade to Windows 10. Note that the Allowed Sites feature works normally when using the Chrome browser.

UPDATE: See the forum post regarding the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
8 years ago
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We have about 150 systems using your secure lockdown software and some have started upgrading themselves automatically to Windows 10 (Secure lockdown doesn't block the update messages so it may be by a customer click).  The problem is it disables Secure lockdown & wants activating again when the update completes.

Obviously we don't want to have to pay again for a licence when they upgrade so is there a way of re activating the licence?

These systems are all on customers sites so we have no control of them agreeing to the upgrade.

Many thanks

8 years ago
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Consider turning off the Windows Update Service. For most implementations, this service is not needed. This will prevent the Windows 10 upgrade notice and auto upgrades. Please contact with your order number if you have systems that have auto updated. Note that the next release of Secure Lockdown will have a "No Windows Updates" feature.
1 week ago
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Given the edit added here about no longer using the Windows Product ID:

Can we do upgrades from Win10 to Win11 without deactivating the license as long as the initially installed version is 2.00.159 or newer?
1 week ago
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No. the Secure Lockdown license needs to deactivated prior to upgrading to Win 11. Then, it can be re-installed / activated again.