8 years ago
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There are several system changes that will trigger a Secure Lockdown license validation failure. For older Secure Lockdown releases, one of those items is a change of the Windows Product ID. If it changes, and Secure Lockdown was previously activated, a splash screen will appear and you will not be able to proceed without re-applying the Secure Lockdown licenses key. A change in the Product ID will occur if Windows is upgraded to Windows 10 or if Windows 10 has a major update. Be sure to update your Secure Lockdown installation to the latest release to avoid the above scenario.

In addition, it is important to deactivate the license via the method described in the User Guide BEFORE wiping the OS, applying a new OS image, or updating to Windows 10 otherwise the license will be lost.

If there is a machine/hard drive failure whereby the system is unrecoverable and the Secure Lockdown license cannot be deactivated via the method described in the User Guide, contact TechSupport@inteset.com and request a "remote license deactivation." You will need to supply the order number of the license purchase and the Machine ID (found in the Secure Lockdown Help > About tab) if available. Also note that if the license is over a year old, we will not be able to deactivate the license remotely. In this case a new license will need to be purchased unless the system was registered with the Inteset Remote Management Services. For mor information regarding Secure Lockdown licensing, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Secure Lockdown (build: 2.00.159+) no longer use the Windows Product ID for license validation, thus, new installations of Secure Lockdown will not depend on that ID. Any changes to the Windows Product ID will not affect Secure Lockdown licensing. Note that installing build 2.00.159+ over an existing activated Secure Lockdown installation will still require the Windows Product ID for licenses validation. You need to first deactivate the licenses (see User Guide), then install the latest Secure Lockdown software, then re-activate Secure Lockdown with your original product key to avoid the issue.