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When enabled, Secure Lockdown prohibits access by the user to the "C:\" OS drive. By default, most Windows installations maintain Windows Library Folders on the "C:\" drive making user access to them impossible while Secure Lockdown is enabled (programs will still have access to the C drive). A resolution to this is to create a new partition/drive letter (ie: an "L:\" drive) and maintain the library folders there instead. Doing this will allow users uninhibited access to library folders. Windows operating systems prior to Windows 10 require you to move (not copy) the library folders to the new drive using Windows Explorer. It's a bit of a cumbersome method. Windows 10 now provides a feature explicitly for this purpose. To find the Windows 10 feature (called "Save Locations"), go to Action Center > Settings > System > Storage > Save Locations. Then update the various drop-down boxes (New Apps, Documents, Music, Pictures, etc) to reflect your new library folder locations.

NOTE: Do not move these libraries to removable media such as a USB drive. Also, if the System Lockdown > Local Level > No Local Drives option is selected, no local drives including the new drive letter ("L:\") created will be accessible.