Inteset On-screen Keyboard Helper

Use the FREE Windows virtual keyboards with confidence! Inteset's FREE utility makes up for the shortcomings of the on-screen keyboards included with Windows.

On-screen Keyboard Helper Utility

The Inteset On-screen Keyboard Helper makes up for the shortcomings of the free on-screen keyboards that are included with Windows. Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 all include 2 variations of fully functional, elegant virtual keyboards. One is called On-screen Keyboard (general purpose keyboard with word predict capabilities), the other, Tablet PC Input Panel (designed for touch and pen input devices). These keyboards work wonderfully with Windows applications, however, when used in a kiosk environment, a user can exit the keyboard without the ability to restore it! With Inteset's On-screen Keyboard Helper utility, you can confidently use either keyboard with your kiosk, single-purpose setup, or any locked down system without the fear of the keyboard being exited.

This utility also works in conjunction and is included with the Inteset Systems Secure Lockdown products.

There are no ads or strings attached to using the free Inteset On-screen Keyboard Helper utility. Use and distribute it at your convenience. Press the "Download" button above to download the digitally signed, free utility from Inteset Systems.

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